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Thread: FN Rebarrel: 30-06 to 6.5x55

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    FN Rebarrel: 30-06 to 6.5x55

    With hunting season over and no further need for a loaner rifle in 30-06, I finally pulled the barrel on my Model 1950 FN Commercial and installed a Wilson pre turned, pre chambered barrel I'd purchased from a friend of mine when his plans changed earlier this year. The original barrel had been shortened to 18 inches and while accurate, it was one of my least accurate augh-sixes and I have had the yen for a 6.5x55 on a modern action. Out to the garage it went.

    I started by making a hacksaw cut around the circumference of the barrel shank, a hair's breadth (literally) from the receiver. My hope was that this would relieve much of the pressure against the receiver ring but it really didn't help. My light barrel vise was replaced by my armory vise in short order and even then it took two men and a boy to break that action loose. When it let go, it did so with a CRACK! I cleaned the threads in the receiver and screwed the action onto the new barrel which I'd lightly cinched in the blocks. I worked it gently into place, then set the barrel into place with a quick, short swing of the action wrench. This technique usually places about 30 pounds pressure which I find to be just fine. I didn't have a headspace gage for 6.5 but I had some new, unprimed brass and some factory ammo. Both gave slight pressure when the bolt was closed. A piece of FL sized brass slipped in without hesitation. Close enough.

    The extractor needed stoning to provide for smooth operation and the barrel channel was opened up. I guess I shoot it tomorrow if the weather holds. Wish me luck! ~Muir
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    No where does luck come into it?

    Look forwards to reading the test reports .

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    Luck with the weather, of course!~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    Luck with the weather, of course!~Muir

    Ahhhh well you would not want to be trying to sight in a rifle outside here right now. Quite strong bitter winds out there. damn it's picked up more so on the A.J.Parker 7.62mm Wind Calculator it would be Very Strong so firing up my field would require 2 minutes of windage right now. I am afraid the old 303 MkV11 books say 4 minutues of windage required. Although the sun is starting to show through it's not noticeably any warmer at about 40 degrees F without the wind chill factor. No snow here as yet and no frost last night.

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    It was -2F yesterday morning with a -30F wind chill factor. I'm hoping for a little bit of warmth today in expectation of snow. Should hit +30F with just enough time for a few shots before dark this evening.~Muir

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    Ahhh well Muir you will live in silly climes .

    Our weather is temperate but only due to the Gulf Stream. Take that away and they taught us at school we would freeze up.

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    I got out long enough to do a rough zero of the rifle. Using PPU ammo (139 grain) it shot just under half inch at 50M by headlamp, with four cutting each other. I think the accuracy question is solved. The extractor is still sticky. I'll be attending that tonight.~Muir

    PS: I'd post a pic, but no matter how many times I resize a photo down I'm told I've exceeded my quota...

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    Weird about the photos .

    Nice going with the rifle .

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    Thanks. I am pleased. As you are well aware, home gunsmithing with some experience behind it is pretty rewarding. The loaded PPU ammo has just come to Cabela's in the city. Where Winchester un primed 6.5x55 brass is $65/100, the PPU loaded ammo is $75/100! To heck with buying Winny brass! Especially since this seems to shoot so well. Dirty, tho....

    I'll shoot it again this weekend.~Muir

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    Gunsmithing ...................................... hmmm I may have been a machinst but gunsmith nope that is a whole different ball game. Reaming a chamber is just reaming a tapered hole and at one firm I did thousands of those over the years to accept a clutch yoke. Turning a threading are std procedures however as mine had no sights I did not have to get into the indexing of sights or ribs now that's getting into the realms of gunsmithing.

    Despite having made many thousands of gun parts I am not a gunsmith. I was just minding the machines in some cases operating them in others of course that was all section 7 fully auto stuff. SA80 and browning .50 cal. Funny thing is that people think that Royal Ordernance make this stuff ................................ nope they sub it all out. We also made bits for mine detonators and grenades including the shrapnel for anti personal grenades. The biggest laugh was that the shrapnel failed inspection it it had any burrs left on it .

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