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Thread: Woodleigh 7mm 160 grain Penetration Test

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    Woodleigh 7mm 160 grain Penetration Test

    A video with my usual test media, a wet cardboard bale. Unfortunatly the cardboard was not uniformerly wet. The Bale was shot at 100yards (lasered).

    The 7x57 with 160 Woodleigh had a muzzle velocity of 2,405 fps
    The 7x57 with 154 Hornady Spt Interlock had a muzzle velocity of 2,461 fps
    The 7mmRM with 160 Woodleigh had a muzzle velocity of 2,908fps

    I recovered the two Woodleigh projectiles.
    The left one was fired from the 7mmRM the right one from the 7x57

    Neither of these projectiles resemble any I have recovered from game, however the test did replicate my in-field perceptions of the 7mm 160 Woodleighs performance.

    Results at 100 yards Impact:
    The 7mmRM has the velocity to expand the 160 Woodleigh the largest.
    The 154 Hornady Spt is quite a tough projectile and better suited to 7mm Magnums.
    The 7x57 achieves best penetration for the 160 Woodleigh with 2nd best expansion of the three projectiles tested.

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    very interesting
    did you shoot the bale in the trailer whilst hooked up to the truck?!

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    No way . Disconnected the truck and drove it off. The bale weighs too much to lift when wet but it will be on the ground when I test 175's from both 7mm rifles. I know the 154 Hornady has a great rep with yanks as an Elk bullet but I couldn't find it.

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    Just goes to show that the old African hands knew what they talked about when they said the perfect muzzle velocity for penetration is about 2400-2450 fps.

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