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Thread: OK My first load ! .308

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    OK My first load ! .308

    I shot some test groups in october , from 45gr to 49 gr ,reloader 15 powder 150 gr norma rounds ,using SAKO once fired cases trimmed and great to go .cci primed . RESULT was 47gr best performance !. I have re loaded 30 rounds to this spec! .
    DO I USE A LANYARD , for my first rounds ! As I would like my bits intact for xmas!. or go with my gut instinct that all will be well!.
    This may be a ******** post to some !! but how did you start!.
    Regards Trapper , (twitching and eager to go )

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    Do you mean you plan on operating the trigger with a piece of string? If you've shot 49gr of powder before now,then 47 sounds very middle of the road,so I don't see the problem.
    I'm not saying I'm an expert,but if the load is less than tested,then that is going to be safer in the chamber pressure side of things.

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    If I remember correctly Trapper the results you got from your first reloading attempt were cock on and looked like you could shoot the b******s off a knat with that middle group.
    Go for it mate ( but I have never reloaded so it might not be the right thing to do)


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    DL + Jonathon
    DL I see what you mean , just my confidence taking a whirl!.
    Johnathon , swampy as my wittness I shot well , 47 gr was my best grouping . but we all strive for that I just want to get the best result for my reload and safely!.If I am gonna join the big boys I better know what the ferk I am talking about.

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    It sounds as if you are having your first swim without your armbands on, your first go unsupervised.

    You worked up to this load, you know it works and is safe for your gun, and according to Alliant Powders own site for a 150 grain round you are well within the recommended limits.

    Go for it, and use the lanyard to tie of the ankles of your trousers, just in case


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    Bear in mind your attention to detail and skill will be far greater in your homeloads than is developed in the crappy factory rounds. Trust it and bust it. Squeeze that trigger, all will be well.

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    Well chaps took the advise, and just went for it!! I have had my .308 stripped right down this week to try and cure my front stud problem(kept pulling out). So I am just after a good group and will walk in the zero!.

    I was halfway to my club, and went back home for my ammo !!DUH. I ALSO FORGOT MY BENCHREST!! A cracking start .
    Well my first group was all over the shop. I guess I was very apprehensive and, not feeling great about my set up comfort wise .

    SAKO .308 once fired cartridges , RELOADER 15 POWDER (47gr), 150gr

    ABOUT 3" first group adjusted scope 8 clicks up.

    Group 2 not much better, but I had primer failure ! left rifle alone for 5 minutes in case of a cook off!! It seems the primer was in to far as the pin barely dented it.

    Group 3 Getting there alot tighter, and feeling more settled, despite ANOTHER Primer failure!

    Group 4 moved scope down 4 more clicks for a 150 zero , the top round is a belt off to clear up at the end of the shoot.

    Finally 3 rounds failed, and I guess that is because the primers where in do deep!.
    For MY FIRST OUTING with reloads, I was fairly pleased , not the tight grouping I know that the rounds can deliver. One thing that pleased me was that my barrel didn't overheat , and was stable,I also felt recoil was less than factory loads. Perhaps next time out I will be less apprehensive, my next time out I will be paying more attention to my shooting, now I know I have a SAFE workable load.
    Cheers me Deers,

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    It may be me, or just the photos, but I'm not too happy with the look of those primers, and the fact that 2 didn't fire. I'd investigate :

    1. Whether they are large rifle (not small rifle) primers.
    2. Whether the cases have explanded due to previous high pressures (measure interior primer pockets with micrometer).
    3. Whether your firing pin is OK.

    Sorry if I'm teaching you suck eggs, but I'd seek advice from other reloaders before proceeding.

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    What are you using to reprime the cases?

    I would change primers. I use Remington magnum 9 1/2 in my 308 and 22-250 and never had a missfire.

    I use a lee hand primer tool and you cannot go wrong.

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    I would agree with Nix Niveux, the primers seem to be sticking out too far and do not appear to be seated properly in the case.

    All my kit is RCBS, which IMHO is a very well built and reliable kit.

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