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Thread: Any mitsubishi experts out there?

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    Any mitsubishi experts out there?


    I left the lights on on my 02 plate 2.5 td shogun sport last night. Got the jump leads on it and got it going no problem.
    For some reason the engine warning light is on and I dont seem to have full power. All the book says is take it to a dealer. Nearest dealer is 30 miles away. anyone got any ideas.


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    This place, is full of Mitsubishi experts either research it or ask.

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    Unfortunately it could possibly be an underlying fault that's came to light, the joys i'm afraid !!

    Kind Rgds, Buck.
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    A bit of a guess here. You have obvioulsy run the battery flat leaving the lights on. The vehicle will start by use of jump leads but an alternator will not recharge a flat battery and I would think that this is causing your warning light to stay on. Put the battery on charge.

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    Hello, I am no expert in these matters but I am told that you can damage the ECU & sim units on modern motors by jump starting them,this could be the case here and the lack of power/engine management light on is because the motor is in the " GET YOU HOME " mode.
    Are you a member of any breakdown service as they will connect an error code reader to the motor and tell you what is wrong with it,if not find a good independent specialist garage,lee

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    hi mate i have an 04 shogun sport my batt keep going flat in no time i checked the batt fluid and had to top it up i have'nt had any drama with it since

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    As Gazzo says a 100% flat battery will not activate the diodes in the alternator as the voltage regulator is recieving a no battery signal... take the battery out and charge it up.

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    Would suspect its the battery charge state.

    You find many of the cheaper (and not so cheap ) automatic chargers cant cope with completely flat batteries. Think your engine management system is detecting similar problem.

    Try giving it a good charge up. If you have one of the above auto chargers, you can sometimes 'con' it by connecting immediately after a reasonable run out.

    Good luck.
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    Cheers lads. I have had the battery on charge for most of the day and the alternater is charging OK. I have a nasty suspision its with the power upgrade chip. Typicaly the bloody freezer has packed up today as well so i'm just waiting for the 3rd thing to go wrong.


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    take it to dealer for a reset at the garage ,my l200 had a sensor go down even after it was replaced needed a reset at the dealer ,hope that helps.
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