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Thread: I am back

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    I am back

    Well after selling everything, all 3 stalking rifles, binos and even my extensive library because of my health issues, I,m back ! thought bu@@er it ! if i can still shoot for a living then i should be able to pop the occasional deer off for the freezer, I no longer offer it as a branch of my buisnesses but will just try and get out for the fun of being out there. So today with heavy heart i bought a T3 in 308 with a reflex, and it feels greeeeeeeeaat!!
    Watch out bambi freddys back.

    Regards to you all, Jamie.

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    Well i guess its welcome back to the site mole trapper

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    Good man Jaimie, welome back,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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