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Thread: Geco 105gr 243 + Outdoor Edge Swing Blade

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    Geco 105gr 243 + Outdoor Edge Swing Blade

    Got a box of these to try on Fallow but as the rule goes only found a roe doe and a muntie buck. Not the test I was planning but left a sizable exit in the munties chest having hit a rib on the way out. Roe was head shot so no comparison there possible. Oh well next time.

    Also picked up one of those Outdoor Designs swing blade knives. Works well but don't think the quality is up to standard. May test the warrantee and send it back. Anyone else used one and found the blade a bit loose?

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    Cris, I had one of those and it lasted all of five minutes before the plastic ball fell off the gralloching blade, and the knife blade snapped when I tried to hock a Red stag. Let's say I'm not impressed shall we.

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    Was wondering Cris, what kind of group size did you get with those 105gr'ns ?

    Rgds, Buck.
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    Ah sorry meant Outdoor Edge / EKA Swing Blade. Sorry head ache tonight and loss of concentration but thanks for the reply and another to avoid.

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    Inch or so off the top of my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris View Post
    Inch or so off the top of my head.
    Is that the sort of group you'd get with any other .243 round? Seems impressive, is it a rolled bullet or what ever they are called?

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    i used the geco in my 243 for fallow. seemed to work ok. only had a few fallow but these bullets seemed to work better on roe. although i have now changed to a 308 and that has convinced me that the 243 is a bit small for big fallow bucks. but horses for courses and all that

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    Years ago Speer(I believe) had a 105gn round nose bullet, I shot everything with it includeing Sika and reds, mostly hinds and calfs, down to roe and muntjac, it would knock them all down with no issues at all. Now no longer made as 243 at that weight is a small market, a slow heavy bullet in any calibre for woodland shooting is ideal, I used my 243 on the hill as well and the Pro stalkers liked the combo a lot, still have 200 of them in the cabinet, should I want to use the old sako. deerwarden

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    Outdoor Edge & EKA swingblades seem to have come in two different forms. I remember when Wayne Davies was posting on this he said he had sourced the ones with better steel, it seems to be the case. One set of people are really pleased with their's, and I am one of them, and others seem to hate their's.

    I will have a trawl and see if I can find the link.


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    I don't know if it was me but I had poor consistency with Geco 105gn .243. Bought a batch of Norma 100 grain and had excellent grouping and used them on deer instead.

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