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Thread: Dead Woodpigeon

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    Dead Woodpigeon

    I live around the Macclesfield area of Cheshire and over the last few weeks have found many dead, dying or remnants of dead woodies. Chatting to a gamekeeper yesterday and he has also noticed the same, he says it's a disease called Trichomonas more commonly known as canker, the symptoms are if you look in the mouth of a dead woody you have found they usually have what looks a bit like blow fly eggs in their throat, has anyone else noticed this.

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    Hi Andy they must have all died of it the southwest. I shoot lots of woodies and i cant understand were they are this winter.
    We would nomally see thousands flying high migrating down to us this time of year.
    I went out today looking at cut maze fields and seen more magpies than pigeons.
    This is not normal for us and lets hope they come to us if it gets colder.
    I was in last months (sporting gun )pigeon watch brian/roy
    If i see any living or dead i will let you know. I will look for canker
    we did have this some years ago.
    regards brian

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    The eggs might just be blow fly, pigeons can kill themselves by over feeding on Acorns

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    its trichomonas it happened about 11 or 12 years ago

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    Big problem in greenfinches at present, I see the human version (STI) every now and again as an incidental finding whilst looking for cervical pre cancerous cells.


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    we have had afew dead and sick looking pigeons here between bristol and bath when you look in the mouth you see a cheese like substance.
    there was a letter in shooting times about it this week that explained it well B

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    it could be fowl pox either that has the same cheesy mess in the mouth

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    have also picked up 2in the last week, with the same problem here on exmoor! seems to be alot of it about this year!

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