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Thread: Advice on factory ammo for Sauer 202 Classic XT in .243

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    Advice on factory ammo for Sauer 202 Classic XT in .243

    Hi all

    Pulling on all the experiance out there im trying to find out what factory ammo my Sauer 202 classic XT .243 likes / performs best on?!?

    Obviously when I go to pick it up from the dealer on saturday there going to give me an idea - but would it be the most expensive rounds in the shop?!?

    The rifle is used for Roe, fox and the occasional fallow.

    Advise and suggestions greatly appreciated...

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have a Sauer 202 but in .308 not .243 so not sure if this helps, but I am sub .5" at 100 yds all day with RWS 150gr

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Tthe last Sauer 202 in 243 I shot was an elagance and it grouped everything well, clover leaves at 100 yds with Norma 100grn, rws 100grn and the PPU soft poits were very good also.

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    I have a Blaser r8 in .243w which likes federal 95grn ballistic tips groups of around 0.5 inch @ 100 yards. I mention this because Sauer make the barrels for Blaser
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    I have two 202s in .243 a elegance and a classic and they both shoot extremley well with norma 100grn, Good choice of rifle i dont think you will regret it, ive had my elegance for 18 years. W.S.

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    I have shot almost everything over the years through my Sauer and it liked them all. Even priv at 8 a box. Get the bullet weight that suits the twist and just about anything will be in the sub 1inch

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