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Thread: storm

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    office now closed from 2pm due to the 90mph storm

    on that note..i'm missing a few entries for my Trout and Salmon Dec crossword, can you help?

    Midland River: ?E?E
    Stable Hand: ?S?L?R
    Chalkstream Tributary: ?A?R?E
    Feather used for tail of wet flies (6,8,6): ?O?D?N-?K?-A?A?-T?I?P?T

    Thanks for your help chaps

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    Wet fly tail: Golder Pheasant Tippet?

    I was going to ask how the storms are affecting Scotland today, looking at the BBC website is pretty horrendous

    Im stuck offshore West Africa at present and in for a big shock temperature wise when I get home soon!!


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    tame or wyre - check other answer where E came from

    Osler - stable boy/groom

    Carrier - you've missed a ? where the last R should be
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    thanks guys,

    I believe it's ostler and golden pheasant tippet. the first e is the end of (rise in river level), which I assume to be spatE

    any other suggestions instead of 'spate to create the last letter as either A or Y as in Tame or Wyre (or Cole?)

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    Midland river = Dene
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    You all realise after helping him out that he won't share the rod he gets for a prize with you..

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    My girlfriend is on the West Side of Lewis in the Hebrides and she says that they have had a lovely day with bright blue skies and very little wind though she did add that a big black cloud and heavy rain have just arrived and the wind is picking up.

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    Midland river, not Tame, try Teme?

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    A stable hand is an Ostler

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    Stable habd is an ostler

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