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Thread: Sako A111 .270 Bolt Action Rifle

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    Sako A111 .270 Bolt Action Rifle

    I have decided to give up on the Red Deer Stalking so have for sale my .270 Sako A111 Bolt Action Rifle. The stock of the rifle has a few minor dings but the metalwork is near pristine. The riflle is threaded 1/2" x 20 UNF and shoots as it should, with plenty of life left in the old girl yet. I'm looking for 295 posted to the RFD of your choice for the bare rifle or would consider a part exchange against a Tikka in any of the popular .22 centrefire calibres, cash either way.

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    hi there fella is the scope for sale if so how much thanks dave

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    Sorry, the scopes not for sale at the moment.



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    How is the bore, please? Any of the light pitting often seen in Sakos of this age?

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    Bore looks fine to the naked eye but I do not have access to a bore scope, the rifle shoots about 3/4" groups at 100 yards with reloads with nothing other than normal copper fouling if that is any use.


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    that's lovely,...take that ANY day over a new T3!!!

    if only I had a spare slot and 300 to boot

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