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Thread: Tika t3 308 ammo

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    Tika t3 308 ammo

    Hi folks, having never owned a tika before, a 308 neither now i come to think about it! was just wondering if any of you folks who do/have could suggest any particular favourites they like in the off the shelf form, trying to save the small fortune i spent finding out the steyrs favourite was. Looking for accuracy more than anything else, as i imagine in 308 pretty much whatever the species it is going to fall over as long as i do my bit.
    regards jamie

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    I sold a Tikka T3 .243 Hunter recently. It was a good, accurate tool, a half-incher with my re-loads.
    I also sold a Tikka 6.5X55 Varminter which was a one-holer.
    Irrespective of negative comments on here by some the Tikka T3s are excellent value for money and accurate.

    Your choice of calibre is good as you will kill all species here with it and if you become a re-loader you will find a profusion of easily sourced ingredients.


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    It should digest pretty much anything in the 150gr range just fine.

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    I was lobbing Blaser Ruag 165 CDP Partitions down the rangge with mine, It would shoot sub inch no problem and clover leaf when I did my bit right. I dont think you will be disapointed with a .308 T3


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    Good stuff, thanks guys! anyone with experience of using lapua ready rolleds through them? the steyrs loved them in the megas.
    Regards Jamie

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    I load some hornady 130gn interlock sp (flat base) headsfor a friend, the load we developed for his rifle is sako neck sized brass, cc1br2 primers, 48 gns vit 140, seated 10 thou of the lands, he is very happy withit, very accurate, flat shooting past 250m and drops what it hits with minimal carcassdamage. Oh forgot to say, itís a sako lightweight hunter, so pretty much thesame as your Tikka.

    Usual caveat, I take no responsibility if you try this load, I recommend thatyou start 10% lower on powder and look for pressure signs as you increase, Ifyou donít know what pressure signs look like, donít try it until you havesomeone with you that does !!!!!


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    Sako 123g shoots great in my xbolt .308

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    Very informative thank you dcg, dont home load myself but my best mate is very experienced at it, even shortens, buttons etc his own barrels for 1000 yrd competition stuff, he will be trialling recipes for me.
    Thanks again to all for taking the time to help.
    Cheers jamie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    Sako 123g shoots great in my xybolt .308
    only if you can get them spoony lol.

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    My t3 .308 I use RWS 150g does the job well. consistently accurate if I play my part.

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