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Thread: shooting out of a landrover

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    shooting out of a landrover

    I got this land rover a few weeks ago as my first car and found the windows are very low and shooting off them is difficult so was woAttachment 10890Attachment 10890Attachment 10890undering other people set it up

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    nice truck to have for your first motor, well done.

    we just try and shoot off the top of the wing mirrors when ever we can,
    if its tricky jump out an take the shot off the top of the truck or
    the bonnet.

    you'll enjoy that truck thats for sure, atb, mike

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    took a while to save up but worth the wait great motor and gets about well mite need some practis shooting out of it those

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    I have to agree with Mike and as a left hander, off the door mirror is perfect.

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    As said use the wing mirrors also wind the window up a little and use a little bit of pipe lagging on the top.

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    About the only advantage of being lefthanded is the ease of shooting out of a RHD vehicle.... thank God.

    The rifle butt and left elbow is wedged into the spokes of the steering wheel, and all the weight of the rifle and forearm is supported by the door frame. Only the barrel is exposed, so not much movement visible. This is perfect for me, but I can see that standard shooters have to get into all sorts of contortions having to thrust half of their upper torso and rifle out of the motor .

    Can't justify a 4x4 so use a van which is big enough to stretch out in, in which I can kip out overnight if need be. Ambush sometimes works. The shooting rest I've knocked up is a flat piece of wood about 12" long 6" wide.... suitably padded. On the underneath are fixed two slats of wood of the same length screwed edge on a few millimetres apart. This contraption just clips tightly onto the door window glass, and can be raised & lowered for height of course using the car window lifter.

    I don't know how anyone lefthanded can rest on the overtaking door mirror, as this is too far forward to use without acrobatics. Maybe Mike and co. are shooting from the passenger seat, but I'm guessing here.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    This is my home made version.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_6369.JPG 
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    It sits on upsidedown U shaped brackets with a bit of old carpet to protect the paint work. I used to shoot off the wing mirror but found it gave a very limited angle especially when parked up with an electronic caller going in the field. When shooting foreward it is almost like a bench as I can rest my elbow on the top of the door. We tried it on a mates landrover the other night and he was quite taken with it.

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    I have used most types of rests but i use the one in the link as it can be adjusted by the height of the window and can be transferred to the other side quickly and quietly and it can be used as steady as a rock on the bonnet or zeroing range.BushWear: Long Window Camo Shooting Bag

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