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Thread: Anyone in the North Somerset area happy for me to join them??

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    Anyone in the North Somerset area happy for me to join them??

    Hi all

    Next week I am undertaking (and hopefully passing!) my DSC1. Although I know this qualification isn't officially necessary for people wanting to apply for a deer-legal calibre, I am someone who is keen to learn as much as possible, I always wanted to do the course, and I knew it would definitely help with the application for my variation! Along with doing this course, I've been trying to get some on-the-ground experience, to complement the theory that is being learned. Again, I respect that this is something that the FEO's want to see, as experience is so important. My deer stalking friend has let me join him on 3 seperate stalks, the last of which culminated in me taking my first deer - a young Roe buck . The only problem is, he doesn't go out very often (I've been on 3 stalks in about 4 months!). As someone from a shooting background who is just getting into deerstalking, I am itching to get going with it, I do loads of research and reading around the subject, but am just lacking the actual in-the-field experience!! After passing my DSC1, I'm wanting to apply for a variation as soon as possible, but ideally I want to have more field experience to talk to the police about (the FEO discussed this with me back when I got my .22 rimfire). Unfortunately, being a student, who has only just really managed to save up the amount I'm gonna need for the rifle/scope/mod/bino set up, I really don't have the money to go out on paid stalking days, as convenient and amazing as they would be for someone wanting to gain experience.
    Basically, I know it's a long shot, but I just wondered if there are any guys in the North Somerset/Somerset area (I live near Radstock, 10 miles South of Bath), who would be kind enough to let me join them on one or two of their stalks. Anything anyone can offer me would be so appreciated, I am happy to simply shadow you on your stalk/s, watching and learning! I won't get in the way and my mate actually found me to be a handy extra pair of eyes (on more than one occasion I spotted deer he had missed with his bino's!). If anyone thinks they can help, please feel free to pm me or something

    Sorry to go on but just thought it was worth putting up, juuust in case!

    Cheers all

    p.s. was unsure whether to put this in this area or in general discussion, admin please go ahead and move it if it shouldn't be here, and sorry if so!

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    If you are free Sunday am, I can take you out...PM sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparko View Post
    If you are free Sunday am, I can take you out...PM sent
    fair play fella, very good of ya that

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    nice one sparko, need more people like you

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    well done sparko,very generious offer

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    I am always happy to encourage any potential stalker / pest controller and as Skinner asked for help which is the hardest thing to do, i was more than happy to give him 4-5 hours out, the weather was good to us by staying dry and we stalked Into two groups of roe, we laid up within 135 yards no shots were fired so we simply watched and discussed the why`s, how`s and when`s...All In all a good outing, he has his Dsc 1 this week and simply wanted to gain more experience, he wont have a problem as he`s switched on...Another stalker / manager for the future...

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    good going sparko. i have met sparko and you couldnt meet a nicer guy lads.

    if there is only one downside to him it is............

    he is a man city fan

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    Well done Sparko and especially Skinner.....The right way to ask and a cracking attitude towards your new sport!

    (I had a moan about this sort of thing (Well the opposite) a while back.)

    You have presented yourself exceptionally, if you are near the Surrey/Sussex borders for any reason, send me a PM and if I'm available you are welcome to accompany me.

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    Would be happy for you to come along with me on a stalk. PM inbound.



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