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    What has been the best bits of your stalking year??
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    waking up in the morning

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    This year i stalked and removed a Gold medal roe buck off my own ground and i have known this buck for 7 years. HIs replacement is also a real nice animal. It makes me feel my deer management plan is working and worth the effort..

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    Similar to RTA, shot Silver medal roe buck this year. First medal!

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    I've got a few!

    Firstly - Celebrating my 40th Birthday and splashing out by hiring the Tulchan estate (Angus) for a long weekend.

    Shooting a couple of hinds, enjoying a few days with friends, some amazing meals provided by Heather on the estate and relaxing in front of a big fire with a bottle of malt at the end of a day.

    Lastly - sharing some great experiences with like minded friends... Shooting Roe and Munty in Hants and Berks and all the time growing my knowledge and understanding of the Deer.

    A hard but worthwhile year all round


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    I got my FAC, I shot my first Muntie and my first Fox.
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    After keeling over on the last day of the doe season and then spending the better part of two months in hospital I think the highlight of my year had to be simply getting back out on the bucks just a few weeks after that. And then up to Scotland not long after. All possible thanks to (and with the support of) friends on here.


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    My father and I shooting our biggest yet UK stags on a nice sunny day when we decided to stalk together.

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    Definitely my best moment has been knocking over a seriously wounded (not by me) muntie buck with a very long range shot using the 7mm-08 off sticks in a gale. (Why does the same distance seems a lot simpler on a still day when aiming at paper using a bipod?)

    I had seen the buck the previous day but only had half a chance of a shot - which I didn't take. Moaned at myself for 24 hours for not taking the shot so really pleased to get him the next day.

    On reaching it the front right leg had been completely blown away by what I think must have been a shotgun.

    Poor sod.
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    The 2 hour stalk on a red stag that ive been after, trying to avoid spooking the hinds and the sheep!!on the approach, and finally getting to within 80 yds to take the shot he never heard the gun go off phew!!!

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