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Thread: Loading your own

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    Loading your own

    Hi Guys
    I shoot with a 243 sako 75 and i am wanting to start and load my own ammo, would any of you be able to point me in the right direction on what bits of kit i will need and the best brands to buy?

    How much will the full set up likely to set my missus back?
    Any advice would also be a bonus
    Thanks Danny

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    Try Reloading Solutions at which is run by Aftab Hamid. - Aftab knows his onions and will be able to offer you a range of choices and prices etc.

    Don't be put off by his website being under construction, he's been in business for umpteen years and is very reliable.

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    It may also be worthwhile letting people know roughly where you are, you
    may then get an offer from someone local to 'show you the ropes'?

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    Im in the Northumberland area, if somebody was willing to do that?

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    Hi Sako
    where in Northumberland as i am just over the border in Cumbria nr Brampton if that is any good too you ? .


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    Lee Reloading

    Try this lot:

    you will NOT get cheaper in UK. Lee stuff is excellent value for money.

    i have used this web-site for all my reloading stuff and can personally recommend them,

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