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Thread: Which 22lr?

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    Which 22lr?

    Hi. After some advice please. I know this is no Deer calibre but I have had great advice in the past and hope that this new batch of info will help me make a decision. I am looking for a 22lr for the bunnies. I have been offered three different setups and all are in different price brackets. The first being an Anschutz 1400 for around 120 pounds, the second being a second hand CZ 452 Varmint for 250, and the third being a new Ruger 10/22 for 300. I know that usually you get what you pay for but all three guns shoot well, and for their ages they are great. But my question really is which one would most of you go for? If none of these, are there many other 22lr's worth looking at? Thanks in advance, Tim.

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    Pass on the Ruger! It won't hold a candle to the other two. I like the CZ's. I have several, and some old Brno #1 and No5 rifles, as well. Outstanding and ammo capable. Not familiar with the Model 1400 Anschutz but any anny for $180 US would be a steal.~Muir

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    anschutz all day long. i have an anschutz 1415 in 22lr, and a cz 452 16", they are like chalk and cheese. zee germans make good stuff yaa

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    The Anschutz seems to be remarkably cheap and is the best quality of the three if in good order, personally I like the CZ and have these in both .22lr & .17hmr. The Ruger you can get a huge range of after market bits for but don't expect a semi-auto to be as consistently accurate as a bolt action and in my experience American semi-autos can be a bit fussy about cycling on sub-sonic ammo.

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    +1 on timbrayfords post

    accuracy canna beat a bolt action and less fussy than semi auto on ammo or for jamming

    so if bolt action then....

    if money not a problem then an anchutz is bout the best

    2nd and what i have....cz452 witha trigger kit from SYSS for 12 quid.....ive used mine last three years from new helping my brother doing some serious rabbit control and i cannot fault its robustness and accuracy and its great value for money

    only couple of other options i would consider are

    1...wheirauch hw60 mate has one and nearly up there with the anchutz
    2....sako finnfire...rimfire with centrefire quality ...but no longer made and like hens teeth

    i would think the CZ is bout the most popular and value for money....cant fault mine

    sauer /paul

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    cz american i have one in .22 and one in 17 hmr, great bit of kit

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    Go and have a feel of the two bolt actions, give them the once over and pick which one seems best and feels best to you.

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    first consideration should be bolt or semi-auto.

    I have had both and whilst I love my current bolt action (it is comically accurate!) when I use a semi auto I do like the flexibility of being able to take 3 or 4 rabbits in quick succession without changing hold.
    semi autos often need a bit more attention to clean out lead, wax and powder residue from the sliding action to enable free cycling.
    bolt actions can still have their problems with ejection when cases or live rounds get stuck due to wax/residues.

    next is barrel length. a moderator is a given in my opinion but do you want a 12" truck special or something a bit more traditional?

    CZ BRNO Anshutz sako etc all make very nice weapons.

    find one that you like and is a decent price, feed it a range of ammo to see what it likes and get practising at a variety of ranges.

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    Go for the CZ.
    Anschutz make very accurate rifles but there are one or two problems with the design of their sporting rifles namely:

    1. The bolt is not locked when the safety is on resulting in the bolt opening or partially opening as you walk along. This can result if not noticed in missfires.
    2. The tight chamber can result in difficulty in ejecting unfired rounds with some ammunition.

    Also the price of the Anschutz would suggest that it is a very old rifle.

    For the money CZ rifles are very hard to beat.

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    I can only speak from my personal experience, my first .22 was a BRNO, very accurate and accounted for 1000's of rabbits, but i liked the look of the Anshutz carbine with thumb hole stock, sold my BRNO to a mate and bought the Anshutz, loved until i went out in some light rain, the finish on the stock blistered, i had terrible trouble getting the shop to take it back until i threatened legal action, then i bought a Sako and it has been good times.
    So based on my experience i would go with the CZ.

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