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Thread: Driven Wild Boar / Driven Pheasant Poland

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    Driven Wild Boar / Driven Pheasant Poland


    I am booked on a 3 day trip to Poland on the 7th / 8th / 9th January 2012.

    I understand that there are two places still free if you would be interested to join then please don't hesitate to ask and I can give you some further information. I have no financial gain in the trip I just want it to go ahead.

    2 Days of driven boar / red deer, fallow deer & roe deer plus fox.

    1 Day Driven Pheasant (400 Birds @ 11.50 per bird)

    10 Guns required for the trip


    Extras: Flights, Airport Transfer 50, Red Stag & Fallow Bucks over 1.5 KG Trophy Fee.

    This is how its broken down:

    For shooting 7thand 8January:Allwild boar,stag (price list),hind/calf,fallow buck (price list),doe/calf, Roe Doe / Fawn andfox.

    Fixed pricearrangement:1 daypheasanthuntingincl.stay in the Accommodation withfull board.


    2daysdriven huntinc.stay in the Accommodation withfull board.


    1Extra nightwithbreakfast in the Accommodation


    Polishvoucher andadministration


    Total : 1,050

    Transportation from Airport 50 per hunter.

    The price includes:

    All Boar, Red Deer Hind & Calf, Fallow up to 1.5 KG Doe and Calf, Roe Doe & Fawn, Fox.

    7 - 10 Drives per day. Including Dogs & Drivers

    All Transport During Hunt

    Preparation of Trophies

    Full Board Acc. Lunch in the woods.

    English Translator.

    Price based on Minimum : 0.9 Hoofed Game per hunter per day. If the average is 0.6 to 0.8 per hunter per day. There is a repayment of 40 per hunter per day. Any Red Stags or Fallow Buck over 1.5 KG to be settled according to price

    I know its short notice but must know by Monday Lunchtime or trip is cancelled. 8 Hunters so far and need 10.

    I am going if the trip goes ahead. If anyone wants a full list of terms I can get an English version made up.

    Any questions please ask.

    Kind Regards,


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    Hi Alex

    If you could put this together same time next year i would be very interested .
    Sorry but budget gone for this year
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Oh Alex, you make me so sad
    I've just come back from Croatia, a couple of weeks ago I was in Poland, I am now earning brownie points with the wife ready to go away for Christmas ready to tell her I am off to Hungary the second week in January.
    I think she would either kill me or, somehow or other get into my gun cabinet and 'play' with all the glass on my rifles just to punish me. I'm not sure which would make me suffer the most
    Good luck with your trip, it certainly sounds good, I only wish I was going

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    Thanks Eddy sounds like you have just about saved your marriage with your xmas exploits hopefully that will last until after Hungary. Hope you are well and that Poland was good.


    I am putting a 3 day driven boar / deer hunt together next year in Poland. Once I have full terms and spoken to Admin re: trade membership I will put all details on here.



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    That would be good I'm sure.
    I usually book my trips fairly early.
    The theory being that the good places get booked well in advance.
    Not always the case I know, but in theory it sounds good !

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    Thanks Alex

    Looking forward to seeing the details, could you please send me a pm when you have them.
    As would not like to miss out.


    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Who is the agent you are going with in Poland please?

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    Have you shot pheasant in Poland before?

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    I have booked through a Danish Agent who has been dealing with Poland for several years, very successfully as I have met people who have been on his trips. That's all I know.



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