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Thread: 6.5x55 or 7mm08

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    6.5x55 or 7mm08

    I am looking to replace my Ackley with a 'budget' do it all stalking rifle that will fill my needs without emptying my pocket. I would be very lucky to shoot anything other than Roe and my opportunity for getting out is narrow at the moment so I don't need anything super dooper. I have found two rifles, both second hand but different cals. As follows:

    CZ 550 6.5x55 - Know the cal but not the gun. I've been shooting the swede for a few years and it does everything I ask - drops deer.

    Tikka 595 7mm08 - Know the rifle but not the cal. Had a 695 for years so know how nice the rifle is.

    I expect the cals are similar enough in performance for <200m shots on roe so as not to be a problem but would like some informed comments if there are any about.

    What do you chaps reckon?


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    go with the rifle in best condition that fits you best and suits your eye..both cals will do the job equally well

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    +1 to what PKL said.

    You might want to consider ammunition cost and supply locally to help you decide.

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    I'm already set up for 6.5 reloading so that will be the front runner at the moment, although I'm not averse to change. Haven't been able to get my hands on a cz550 to check one out.

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    I think you should get the Tikka in 7-08. I think that assuming both rifles are in equal condition, you will be able to 'get out' of the Tikka easier as it will be a nicer rifle and you will lose less money on it. Although as you know there is little between the calibres I have a soft spot for 7mm rifles having used a 7x57 for many years and think that 7mm is the ideal all around bullet size for anything in the uk.

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    Had my hands on a A-Bolt II today, very nice, do we know if they are available in 7-08?

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    My A-bolt was a factory 7-08. I haven't seen any recently though. Why not just get one in .308 its a great round that is easy to load for and you can buy ammo everywhere. If I had one rifle it would be a .308

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    Just read that the CZ has a fixed magazine. Would that be a drop plate or a 'crank the bolt' to unload?

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    If you have had a tikka in the past then I would go for the tikka. Both cartridges will do the job nicely. Condition would be important and how they shoot even more so. If you could try before you buy then you could get an good idea.

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    Drop plate magazine, whereby you press a button on the trigger guard and they fall on the floor. At night. In long grass. Trust me
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