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    Had one tonight, have shot the same factory ammo for about 2 years now and buy them in batches of 100 nearly finished this batch never had misfire before, any views?

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    Have you considered cleaning the bolt/firing mechanism?

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    probaly a faulty primer,these manufactures make millions of them,some of you are bound to get 1 now and again,ive had a couple of dickie primers and i reloaded for 10 years.i did refire them and 1 out of the 2 fired,shake the case to see if there is any powder in it,

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    Sure it is a definite misfire and not a light primer strike?
    Then again it could be a bad primer that just failed to go orf, product failure pure and simple.

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    No not sure, the prima was only lightly marked?

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    Then as Brit has said you need to strip your bolt make sure your firing pin is ok and that the bolt body has no dirt/obstruction to the free movement of the pin.
    Light strike I would be looking in this area also check your spring is it broken?

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