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    Turvey Stalking

    On Sunday 04/12/11 until Tuesday 06/12/11 I went stalking with Paul Day at Turvey. This was the first time I had met Paul and he was a genuine and down to earth person. He was very accommodating and welcoming. On my first morning we were up bright and early for a sit in a very cold high seat looking over a ride. After around half an hour a Muntjac Doe scampered across the ride without stopping and about a quarter of an hour later she walked back across, Paul stopped her with a whistle and I was able to take a shot with a good result. Back to the digs for breakfast. That afternoon we were back at Paulís place where we slowly walked the rides and came across a little Muntjac buck, this was deer number two in the bag.
    on our second day we sat up the high seat but didnít see anything so we decided to have a walk as by this time we was both freezing. We didnít manage to see anything on our walk so we went back to the digs for breakfast and a hot coffee. On our afternoon stalk we walked the rides where I shot a fox which I was more than happy to do. We continued our walk and came across a Muntjac Doe who came from out of cover and walked half way across the ride, Paul stopped her with a whistle, I fired and she ran back into cover. We went to the location of the hit and found good blood sign. As the light was fading fast and it had started to rain we got our torches out and proceeded to search for the deer which we found after around 15 minutes.

    All in all it was a very enjoyable and successful couple of days with the great company from Paul. I would highly recommend anybody who is interested in contacting him.

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    Congratulations on your success!

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    Well done chap I visited Paul on the 10/11 this year and again was met by Paul and after a quick coffee sat out in a high seat with cracking view along a nice ride with trees either side and a potential shot out to almost 200 yards. It must have only been an hour and from nowhere a munti seemed appear. Whispered in my ear "take it" within seconds she was down and after bleeding her and taking her back to the seat 135 paces. As we got to the doe a group of red escapes ran across the ride but too quick me to spot. After a further hour we decided to go for breakfast and as I got to the bottom of the seat another doe was standing 50 feet away. Unlucky for me rifle was still in seat. The rest of the day Paul showed me his shoot and I managed to see my first CWD but not to shoot at. The evening stalk proved unsuccessful but for the sake of trying.

    I must echo Teckl in his praise for Paul's enthusiasm and passion for his shooting and will be visiting him again after Christmas for the chance of a CWD or munti buck. Paul has a cracking bit of ground and altough he is relatively new to stalking outfitting I can see him going from strength to strength. I also recommend Turvey stalking.

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