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Thread: Clay pigeon trap recommendatio

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    Clay pigeon trap recommendatio


    As per the title does anyone care to recommend what would be the best automatic clay pigeon trap for around the 1k mark and any recommended vendors?

    My preference so far is leaning towards either the Promatic Super Hawk or Harrier, any thoughts on them? It is not for club use but for a group of freinds on a farm.


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    All my traps are Promatic. I have Harriers, Rangers and Super Sporters. Of all the traps I use the Harriers the most. They are light and powerful with enough capacity for most shoots. The Rangers have bigger capacity and can be set up to shoot a greater range of targets.

    My reccommendation would be for a Ranger 6 with a remote release and a trolley.
    Promatic often have reconditioned machines for far less than the rrp new.

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    Thanks I'll ask about the reconditioned traps when I call promatic on Monday, they currently are advertising a christmas special on elites, harriers and hawks but you have to call for a price.

    Did you find out how much your 8 bore brass was worth?

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    When you call Promatic ask to speak to Ian, he will do you a good deal I`m sure.

    Not really found a value for the 8 bore brass yet......


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    You wont go far wrong with any of the Promatics.
    Atb Lee

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