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    new to this forum

    hi name is mikky,i am 55yrs old,been shooting since i was 5 yrs old,started with my dad in the back garden with an old air pistol,when i was 8 yrs we moved to Nigeria,lived in Kaduna,probably shot everyday for at least 5yrs mainly pigeons with an old webley .22 underlever airgun...........and then we moved to Kenya and thats when the shooting really took off..everything from Gazelle to Zebra...all properly supervised and managed by a fella called Pete Smith one of the hunters who used to bring clients from all over the world to his farm,i say farm but anyone who has been to africa know the distances involved,our next door neighbour lived 50 miles away.

    look forward to hearing from you


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    Welcome to the site, you must have some stories!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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