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    As part of disposing of what I had to take to acquire some cases, scales, loading blocks and other types of bullet I have the below to dispose of:

    500 x Mountain & Sowden 240 grain (nominal weight) SILVALUBE semi-wadcutter or "Keith Type" swaged lead bullets in plastic bags of 100.

    These are quite old and have a small flat end to the nose. I guess that they date from BEFORE the pistol and handgun ban.

    So more suitable IMHO to long barrel revolvers or magazine fed carbines such as the Ruger type rather than anything with a tube magazine.

    That is why I am listing them as I think that the small size of the flat on the nose makes them unsuitable for my Winchester 94.

    Mountain & Sowden have been finished for a long time and their swaged bullets have no grease groove or cannelure but are plain sided on the "shank" or sides of the bullet and the whole coated with their "silvalube" process.

    Cost is 20.00 for the whole lot of 500 (being equivalent to 4.00 per 100) and COLLECT ONLY WITH PAYMENT IN CASH.

    I also have one whole and one opened bag of Mountain & Sowden 225 grain (nominal weight) hollow base full wadcutter for .44 Special and Magnum. Again these are of the "silvalube" type with neither grease grooves nor cannelure.

    Cost of these (approx total of 197 bullets) is 7.50 for the two bags. Again COLLECT ONLY.

    These are just too heavy to post as postal charges would effectively make them cost the same as buying the equivalent bullets over the counter in a gun shop.

    I am just five minutes away from M1/M69 J21 (the M1 to M69 Interchange) and Leicester Forest East Services.

    Please advise if you want just the five hundred 240 grain, or those plus the one hundred and ninety-seven 225 grain HBWC or, even, just the HBWC.

    Please reply HERE with what you want and also please send me a PM.

    As with my other listing it is first come first served. So first responder gets first choice and first refusal.
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