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Thread: Hi from South East Cornwall

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    Hi from South East Cornwall

    Hi eveyone my names Dennis I live in Liskeard Cornwall I'm 32 years old, I'm originally from the Midlands but moved here two years ago to be closer to the sea as I am very much into Spearfishing aswell as shooting.
    I have shot air rifles from the age of 8 and have finally applied for and received my FAC and now have variations for rimfire and centrefire and really want to take up stalking so I have joined the Stalking Directory as it looks like the ideal place to start.
    I look forward to some interesting reading and conversation in the future..
    Thanks Dennis

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    Welcome to the site, you have chosen the right place to learn,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi dennis
    i am from st Austell i manage a large herd of fallow on devon /cornwall border.
    Your wellcome to have a trip with me to gain some exp ,
    I pass liskeard on the way up to my ground.
    regards brian

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    Thanks alot everyone.
    Brian that would be great I will PM you my phone number so we can have a chat.
    Thanks Dennis

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    Hi Dennis
    I hope you enjoyed your trip with me today. Shame we didn't see any deer. I
    am sure we will see them when we go to my best ground next time.
    I hpoe you get some more offers to go stalking .You are keen and i can recommend
    you go with others. good luck mate
    regards brian

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