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Thread: howa 1500 heavy barrelled varmint rifle

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    howa 1500 heavy barrelled varmint rifle

    anyone own or owned one..


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    My son has one in .223. It's a tack driver but I replaced the trigger with a Timney to improve the shooting qualities.~Muir

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    I have one in .243 in the pepper wood thumbhole. Seriously cant fault it, had it a couple of years now.
    .308, because if I want to watch something run away, I'll take my dog for a walk.

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    I have a 1500 heavy barrell 243. i love it. It likes norma 58g the foxs don't

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    I have one of the first to come into the country, it is getting on for 10 years old now, and mine is a 223 stainless steel synthetic model. I had the barrel shortened to 20” she shoots ” groups with factory ammo.

    I don’t use it too much as it is a bit heavy for stalking use, fine for shooting vermin and from a truck.



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    My Weatherby in .243 (Same as a Howa) in the non heavy (Vanguard) barrel is a really good performer using Privi! Still very new, but I like it!

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    Got one in .308. Quite heavy but I like it.

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    I have two Varmint Stainless Howas, 223 and 308 both tack drivers out of the box, best upgrade is a stiffer stock and polish the trigger sear, standard trigger is fine if given a good stoning, its fully adjustable. I also have a 7mm WSM blued sporter, the quality of the bluing is not a patch on SAKO.


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    Just bought a 204 (picture as my avatar). Heavy barrel thumbhole, yes its heavier than my other rifles but well balanced adn the DM80 mod stops it being top heavy when carrying it becaseu it only weighs about 500g..Love it. Heres a link to a post ive just put on here

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    where did you get your howas from ??

    and do they have detachable mags

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