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Thread: winchester .223 stealth

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    winchester .223 stealth

    does anyone know where i can get one in .223 screwcut


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    hi milly i use to have the Winchester stealth in 22/250. very nice rifle and accurate. the old stealth had the h&s stock on it also which was superb.
    but you don't see many of these stealth's about now in 223 or 22/250

    just keep a eye on guntrader and gunstar as they do pop up from time to time.

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    Being stealthy you might had to look hard for them though

    Sorry but it was just too much temptation .

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    I am not sure about the stealth but Wilson and Wilson in Thanet Kent have the Winchester Coyote Lite's in stock and currently have them on sale too:

    Welcome to Wilson Wilson (Fieldsports) Ltd.

    I am not sure about the cost of the .223 but the 22-250 was reduced to just over 500 brand new (the reason I know this is I bought one about 6 months ago and paid 700 for it so was a bit miffed when I saw them in the sale!!)

    Im very pleased with my 22.250 its very accurate and for 700 its blinding value, B&C stock, fully alluminium pillar bedded, fully floated stainless fluted barrel, jewelled bolt, fully adjustable trigger and for 500 now!!

    For 500 I really think its a package thats hard to beat, I compared it to the Remmy 700 and spec for spec I think the winchester was half the price.

    Hope that helps

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