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Thread: Help with Vit N160 please

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    Help with Vit N160 please

    Help please

    If anyone out there has a Vit reloading guide ( cant find mind ) can you please have a look see and let me know the min to max loads for 280 Imp using 130gr sp over Vit N160.

    Does'nt matter if yours does not show the improved, standard will do.

    At the moment im using 59.5gr of H4831SC, but would like to crony the Vit to see if there is any improvement in accuracy.

    I know " if it aint bust dont fix it " but you gotta try

    Any help will be much appreciated


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    why don't you download the guide from:

    Cheers, Rene.

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    Ive tried mate but cant find it on there.

    Am I missing it



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    From the Nosler reloading book
    120 59.0-63.0 max
    140 56.0-60.0 max

    FYI to use 280 rem data is about starting loads for 280AI
    no data on the Viht web site for 280, there is some on the Nosler website but none for 130


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    Max, right side of the page shows:

    Reloading Guide


    Vihtavuori Reloading Guide

    Click on reloading guide at it will download the .PDF file and open it (if you have acrobat reader). Good luck!

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    ReneZ - 243win

    Thanks for your input, a big help



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