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Thread: Sako 85 Finlite problems ?

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    Sako 85 Finlite problems ?


    Does anybody have a Sako 85 Finlite im having trouble finding a 150 Grain bullet that works in it !

    Mine just shoots them all over the place 190 Grain not much better but 110 Grain shoots ok !

    Any thoughts ive done all the usual checks, what bullets work in yours ?
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    I had an 85 in 30-06, same problem I took the stock off and filed away all the plastic the whole way so the barrel was totally free floating, my head was wrecked for weeks trying different brands/weights and different hand loads, eventually I got it to give acceptable groups but I never had confidence in the gun, I traded it for a blaser r93 and that is grouping any brand,any weight, I have to say I never really rated the r93 before I saw how accurate they are and I have never looked back. I know a few people who have had bother with the 85
    Hope this is of some help,

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    Sorry I don't know what twist the finnlight is, do you know it or have you measured it? If its 1/14+ that could be your problem

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    According to the website it 1-11 which leaves me stumped. I have alway found the .308 very forgiving and I'm a big sako fan.

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    This is average group after stock mod, off bonnet of the jeep with a jacket rolled up,100m thumb tack, it's ok but I had lost faith at that stage.
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    get it to Mr Kershaws.. he will sort it while he threads it!! Dont be getting ideas of using your tap and die on the end of it!!

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    do you think it could be driver error it was your birthday the night before.

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    It's 1-11 twist tried it again today shooting from a sand bag instead of the bipod groups better 1" - 1" 1/2 , could my oal be to blame its ok for height just shooting either left or right ?
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