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Thread: spoilt :-) warning, contains bragging

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    spoilt :-) warning, contains bragging

    seeing as its christmas i was taken over to forest lodge at wragby to look for a present from my dad to myself and all i can say is wow!! i ended up with a sako 75 deluxe with an atec mod and swaro z6 scope, 100 rounds of lapua mega, harkila slip, prohunter jacket, bipod and a tikka t3 hunter set up. im sorry for coming across as bragging but im just so damn happy, i never in a million years thought id have a day like today. its made my year and nthe next few too.

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    Enjoy enjoy

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    thanks lads, i do admit to feeling guilty but couldnt stop myself saying no when the question "do you want this?" was asked. dont suppose you know how the lapua mega perform? its my first rifle and other than knowing its what the rifle likes i dont really know much about the ammo

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    You've got some very nice kit there, good luck & have fun using it.

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    cheers moonraker, im hoping it will only be a short while until its been properly christened

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy View Post
    cheers moonraker, im hoping it will only be a short while until its been properly christened
    hi ziggy im looking for a new dad

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    i can rent him out for a reasonable rate biker.......he just needs feeding and some water. hes sound as anything, ever so supportive with hobbies and sports but i was suprised at today

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    in sporting rifle recently they have used lapua mega on boar and fallow. 150 gn in 308 in my memory serves me correct. i know they have to say its good but the results seemed to be good. if they were not so jolly expensive i would try them myself. have a great time

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