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    Late Intro

    Hi there, I have been dipping in and out of this site for the last year but have never got around to introducing myself, so here goes.

    I have been shooting for longer than I care to remember and stalking for the last 12 years, I did my level 1, 6 years ago and then again 4 years ago when I missed the window to convert (sore point). I have had my level 2, 3 years now, how time flys.........
    I have just moved from Lancshire, after 20 years, back home to Lincolnshire so I am trying to make some local contacts. I belong to a stalking syndicate that has 3,000 acres of forest and open ground in Scotland, a slightly longer trip now, so I go less often. We have mainly roe but see the occasional sika and red passing through.
    I enjoy going to Scotland on the hinds, probably my favourite type of stalking. If I'm a good lad and earn my smarty points from my other half I get to go boar hunting once a year in either Poland or Croatia but am going to Tunisia in Jan 09 to see what it is like there.

    The tools I use are a moderated .243, a heavy barrelled 25-06 (not to be carried all day), a very accurate 30-06 (out of the box) and last but not least a side by side 7 x 65R. I reload my own ammo but I need to find somewhere local to zero and test my loads, currently I have to go to Nottingham as a guest of a shooting club.

    Hello all..............

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    Hello and welcome to the site von cram

    This is the place to be for all your questions and also to give out some knowledge too, we are always learnig in life matey


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    Welcome aboard


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    von cram ,would you be bobs mate from southport, scarisbrick,???????
    welcome and good shooting

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    Hi Von Cram
    welcome to the site whereabouts in Lincs are you .
    I have a club closeby if you would like to Pm me I would be delighted to pass on the information.
    Regards Trapper

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    You're a man that cam shoot some?

    von Cram,


    Please tell us about your SxS 7X65R? It is a bit of a strange combination? I think: SxS - very British - and 7X65R - very German. There must be a story here? Do please tell!

    In good hunting.

    Andrew McLaren

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    Thanks for the replies and in answer Andrew's question, it is a Merkal, s/s ejector, same round as the 7x64 but with a rim on the case for the ejectors. The other difference is you have to reduce the loads by about 10% due to it being a break gun and therefore not as strong as a bolt action rifle. It was a farly common European type of gun mainly used for driven game.
    You can either shoot it open sights or fit a scope on top with claw mounts. I use it mainly for wild boar trips (driven) but have taken it out stalking on the hill and in the forest with one barrel sighted in to the scope at 150m it shoots quite well out to that, I don't think I would take anything on further although the round is more than capable. When used properly the convergance of both barrels is 65m.
    I would normally say I shoot quite well with it but on my last trip missed a couple which sets the doubts off, more practice required.


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    The 7x65R Brenecke is quite a killer!

    von cram,

    I too have 7*65R a J P Sauer & Son Drilling [16 gauge] made in early post war years. Old, but in excellent mechanical condition. It belonged to a German client and I personally witnessed a number of springbuck and gemsbuck kills with it out to more than 400 yards in the Kalahari. To say the least it is a well below minute of a degree accurate gun. That is why I bought it! Bad news is that I'm still struggling with getting it licensed in my name . South African Police Service BS .

    You must wait for the barrel to cool down after each shot if you want any accuracy on the second [unless taken very quickly after the first] and third shots though.

    In good hunting.

    Andrew McLaren

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    Cannot send PM's

    Hi Trapper, thanks for the response, I tried to send a PM but it doesn't look like it's working, I'm in the Grantham area. Regards

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    Welcome to the directory von cram.

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