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Thread: Fox - Rabbit Lamping

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    Fox - Rabbit Lamping

    Few nights lamping foxs and rabbits in N.Ireland newcomers only .Most off N.I covered
    PM me

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    hey bigred, i'd be willing to go out for few foxs and rabbits. what sorts of rates are you talking? pay by night or by rabbit.
    wouldn't want to pay more than 40 to shoot a fox, and 10 for a rabbit. do you have an estate rifle i can use, or do i bring my own

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    Now CHUNK due to this site not really offering much to the NI hunters i thought i would and your forgetting i had you out and you had your chances .
    And as your my pal any night your free youll get more chances

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    i think you genuinely could sell rabbit shooting on the land you have. not everyone can afford to shoot deer, but a night on the rabbits wouldn't be 1/4 the price

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