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Thread: Sunset over Poole Harbour

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    Sunset over Poole Harbour

    Here is a picture I took yesterday on my way back home from a bit of christmas shopping. Great light.


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    Here is a wide angle shot of the scene with an 'interesting' sky. View across Holes Bay.


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    Lovely! I grew up in that neck of the woods, and spent a lot of time exploring the harbour in a sailing dinghy -much of it trying to avoid getting caught out by the receding tide- but I haven't been back for a while... the lure of Birmingham is clearly as strong as it is unfathomable!

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    A beautiful scene, well done.


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    Here are a few more shots taken at the same time. Firstly a couple of shots of teal which were pootering through the soft mud feeding in the margins as the sun went down


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    And another taken as the low suns glow started to work its magic


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    Now a shot of some of the waders and gulls out a bit further on the muds


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    Finally here is as near to a good old fashioned sunset shot as the clouds would allow.Changes in light at certained times of day are truely magical.


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    Some interesting and nice pics in that lot Lakey.Its great to have a camera at hand for the scenes that others miss.

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