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Thread: New toy

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    New toy

    Last night due to a very kind site member , on another site
    who had offered me a great deal
    i went and picked up My new toy

    winchester 30-30 underlever
    this will be a rifle dedicated just for follow up work

    it was scoped, but i hav removed that for the time being and reverted back to open sights,
    the front sight has also been removed and fitted with a fibre optic sight from Easy Hit uk

    had a bit of a practice session today,
    but need to adjust the height of the fibre optic sight as it is shooting a little high
    but i am very pleased with my new purchase


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    Oooh! I want, I want!! What a pretty rifle.

    In fact I'm keeping my eyes open for a Ruger No.1 in 25-06. I don't need it, but since when has that ever been a reason.....


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    I'm guessing you have already got the big hat and alligator skin boots?

    I have only ever tried one in 45/70. It was just in from the States so had a ridiculous trigger pressure and in that calibre you can imagine the recoil!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit Country
    I'm guessing you have already got the big hat and alligator skin boots?
    but christmas is just around the corner
    for such a sweet little rifle and so smooth to shoot , it sure packs a mean punch

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    Boys and their toys


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    I shot about 30 rounds through a U/L 45/70 a month or two ago, it had a holo sight fitted and was surprisingly accurate out to 150yds.

    Recoil was easily managable, just a gentle shove from the 500g lead solids .

    Always fancied a U/L "woodland stalker", maybe nows the time to get one.......

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    Want it!!

    Great bit of kit...I had a play with one in Canada in .32 win spl. Such a cool little tool.

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    Get the wagons in a circle Stone I didnt know you had that many red indians in your neck of the woods.

    Are you also going to buy the horse and chaps to go with the gun

    Only joking mate, nice looking rifle, seems to have been well looked after.

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    I bet your just wishing the phone to ring with a follow up, i would be.

    Nice tool, have fun.

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