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Thread: Another fine example of

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    Another fine example of

    SD generosity. Tika308 and Wadashot are down in Sussex this week with Sikamalc, helping him out a bit and while they were down that neck of the woods Robin invited them to have a shot on one of his leases. So never being backwards in coming forward to collect on such an offer they took him up on it and very kindly shot FOUR of his fallow for him

    Robin didn't care though and gave them a beast each for their efforts. So this stalking world of ours does have generous folk in it as well as the backstabbing breed that always seem to grab the headlines, so well done Robin and well done you other two, now stop mithering me!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well done to Robin looks like you done the lads proud. Just make sure who your friends are before you invite them out is the rule of the day. Keep putting up the good stories and hopefully the bad ones will be forgotten.

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    Well done the host .As John said there are many good blokes about but its always the wrong uns that get remembered .

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    Back home now, mithered me all weekend the pair of them see you both in the new year, and Waddas stope wittering on about selling your rifle, I tell ya!!!

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    Jayb, you beat me to it !! what a great weekend we have had. many thanks robin for taking us out on his ground it was very nice of you. Like you say john there are some fantasic members on this site who will bend over backwards helping other members out who are less fourtunate than others when it comes too stalkng ground. it was good spending sometime with sikamalc again, and nice meeting a couple of stalkers we hadnt met before one of which i took out this morning for his first ever stalk, the weather was not good but we still managed to see 12 roe, 1 of which we got into but the doe just didnt stand just long enough for a shot.
    Its not many years ago i joined this site and i had never shot a deer, i have met many friends for life through being a member on here, and now one of them who offered to take me out for a stalk for the first time now trusts me not only to stalk on my own on his leases he also has trust in me to take out stalking clients for him. kind regards all of you. and my the stalking directory go onwards and upwards.
    All the best tika.308 (Andy)

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