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Thread: snowy doe

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    snowy doe

    i took this roe doe this morning, conditions underfoot werent the best to say the least , but i managed to get withing 120 yards , taken with my 243
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    Nice result in all that snow you scotish lads do certanly get more than your fair share of poor weather to contend with its nice and sunny here at the moment.
    Thats a fair old spray patern in picture three.

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    Lovely looking beast there, far better than these aggresive Muntie things I have on my shoot.

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    Well Done S/S

    Nothin better than some of the red stuff on the snow!

    And a nice Roe lying beside it.

    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    Well done, good shooting. I'd go for the snow rather than the bloody rain we had today!

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    good effort - the snow in sutherland is about six inches deep now but still nice and powdery - any more frost and it'll be crunch, crunch all the way.

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    Good stalking in those conditions. Well done.

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