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Thread: Hawke Frontier S.F Model no HK3376 6-24X50 SF Mildot

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    Hawke Frontier S.F Model no HK3376 6-24X50 SF Mildot

    I have had the obove new scope mounted on a new sako hmr 17 a couple of months and i am having a major problem the point of impact changing considerably if i change the parallax correction and change the power setting to maximum power(zoom).The mounts are new and are on solid and gun/mod are also fine has been checked by GMK.
    The scope is currently set at about 60 metres and the gun groups within one inch i am happy with that.
    The moment i adjust it to 100 meters the pont of impact changes considerably almost 4 inches totally missing the target.
    I have sent the scope back to Debens who at first said they could find nothing wrong with it until i insisted they test fire it with a live rounds at which point they e-mailed me back a little later admiting yes the point of impact did change and posted me another scope.
    I am not sure if they have sent me my old scope back as i am having the same problem again.Any one else had a similar problem.

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    Hawke model

    Hi Maxtich, I am aware of this problem. not good for live quarry!
    It is probably down to the internal mechanism in the scope not returning the reticle to the same point when you alter the parallax, hence a different point of impact.
    I only know of one maker who has patented a mechanism that overcomes this problem (though there may be others) That is the Simmons range with Truezero facility.
    I have experienced this problem once myself and think some scopes may suffer less than others irrespective of price, I dumped it because it was cheap!
    Sorry this may not be helpful but if everything else is tight I don't know what else it might be.
    I am looking at Simmons just for this feature as I need one all round reliable scope for 50 to 300 yds
    old man

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