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    looking for a new bone saw. any recommendations? preferably compact in a sheath ideally

    atb steve

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    I have got a Gerber Exchange-a-Blade. I use the fine blade and have used it on 4 deer to date. It cuts the pelvic and breast bones on big fallow bucks without a bit of trouble. The other blade that comes with the saw is useful for cutting branches around high seat or the like. The saw is easily cleaned, as it comes apart and then just chuck it in the dishwasher.
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    Bushware or Davis Stretton.

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    I've got a bushwear saw, unfortunately it looks like they may have stopped doing them as they weren't on their website last time I checked.

    I had a Gerber Exchang-a-blade, but the handle broke after a few trips into the dishwasher.

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    THanks the stretton site has exactly what I wanted.

    ATb Steve

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