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Thread: Muntjac Bucks Sparring

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    Muntjac Bucks Sparring

    Two young bucks that I sat and watched yesterday. I've never seen muntjac fight or spar before. Sorry the video's a bit shaky!

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    Fantastic video Cougar mate,wish I had seen it.


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    Thank you Martin. I've never see 2 buck come together like that though at times they were more like lambs!


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    Cracking footage Mat, the more I hunt and watch Muntjac the more fasinating I find them and I start to realise I don't know as much about them as I thought I did.


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    Thank you Wayne. I totally agree with you I love everything to do with them whether it be rifle, camera or video plus they do eat well!

    This is the best photo that I've got so far.

    Attachment 10948

    But I want to better this as it's not perfect!

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    cracking footage that thanks for posting the picture is also really good .atb wayne

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    Hi Mat
    Nice photo, difficult little buggers to photograph. I'm afraid in the winter the rifle takes over from the camera with me

    Heres one I took on my Roe ground where I'm under no pressure to shoot them, mind if he had been in hard anlter he might have been in trouble.


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    They both lok like tough little buggers.NIce video.

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    Thank you again Wayne. That one was taken in a NT forest so more than safe. Thats a great photo of what looks a cracking buck to be! I know what you mean but I love my photography so its all year round for me, its nice to have a NT forest right on my doorstep!


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