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Thread: Reading advice wanted

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    Reading advice wanted

    Hello all,

    after a long process of convincing my better half that every shooter needs a dog, a very long, dark, cold and fretful follow up due to a wayward shot yesterday (late home and very anxious) has finally sealed the deal, full support given.

    I have a few ideas of breeds which would be suited to my requirements (I shoot pigeon, lamp rabbit and fox, a few driven days and stalk mostly muntjac, also have cats and little people in the house).

    Can anyone suggest some reading which I would aid my decision/ inform.



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    Get a HWV or a Lab,good with small animals including children.Will do everything you want

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    Thanks Kit,

    love the thought of a HPR, and Hungarians are certainly handsome animals, unsure if suitable for me however, hence the request for known and respected publications. Lab.......unsure for many, possibly misinformed reasons.

    I have a local enthusiast who is trying to turn me towards Brittany.


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    I've had dogs all my life but never had a gun dog. I rehomed a Hungarian Shortahired Vizla for someone it was about a year old and I read the "Versatile Gun Dog" by Guy Wallace. Its for HPR breeds and its a training book primarily but it does go into the different breeds.
    I was originally going to go for a GSP but was offered this instead. She has now found and retrieved rabbits pheasent and duck. She also comes out stalking. I wanted a dog to do the same as you describe and we also have young children.
    The vizlas are very biddable but possibly have less drive than the GSP and GWP. But the plus side very good in a family home situation (my experience).
    The Brittany I've had very little interaction with it but what I've seen I would describe as energetic.
    This book will give you a little insight into the various breeds.
    As for "lavatorydoors" You'll see fat ones lazy ones nutty ones nasty ones and good ones it very often depends on the individual and the up bringing IMO

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply Hurf,

    I have ordered Guy Wallace other book as I cannot find the versatile gundog for a reasonable price, will keep looking however.

    Could have done with a companion again tonight as the second fox of the night managed to drag itself into cover following a side on chest shot.


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