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Thread: Cordless Drills

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    Cordless Drills

    Anyone know anything about cordless power tools? I need a new drill, I don't know what to go for 12/14/18/24/36v?

    Its mainly for DIY and won't be in constant use but need to perform when required. They seem to range from 80 to 300 and I was looking at spending around 100. Ideally it need two batteries.

    Anyone got any recomendations of what or what not to go for?


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    I have had a 18 v Bosch from BnQ for years now and it came with two bats. But for a bit of DIY this would be ok
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    B and Q are doing a Dewalt 18v combo drill with 2 batteries for 99,have used one in my work for years ,great bit off kit and well worth the money

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    B & Q also doing an 18V Bosch with two batteries for 85.


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    +1 on the dewalt 18v. Use them every day at work not the drill but impact guns and 2 batteries last me a full 12hr shift had the same 2 batteries for a year no problems.

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    My input would be go for Lithium Ion batteries. For complicated reasons to do with the way the chemicals work they are lighter, easier to charge and harder to bugger up! They have a different type of cycle which means you don't have to flatten them before charging (they don't have "memory").
    There is a really impressive Makita set available at the moment for 100 ish which is 10.8volt, light ,and pokey. You get a wee drill and an impact type drill in a flight case, with speedy charger. We used one screwing 4" screws through green Larch rafters the other week. Very good value for money.

    Here's a link to them on amazon. I saw them in my local builders merchant's for 99 plus vat.
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    Makita with Lithium Bateries , iam in the building game and they are brilliant around the 200 mark for a batery drill and a drill driver

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    my local b&q had pair of ryobi 14.4v lithium ion drills for 70, last week. i have these drills, but paid 125 for them few months ago, they are very good.
    they also had the ni-cad version of the same drills for 60. very very good value. but they aren't as good as dewalt

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    Get a DeWalt in 18v with 2 batteries ideally 2.6ah or above in power and again ideally in Li-on batts or at the very least in Ni-Mh. DeWalt backward engineer their kit with their old models and are often copied by other makers. You can get a battery for a professional 10 yr old Bosh drill but it costs 70- I know I needed one/two for mine but thought I'd be better off with a DeWalt. 150 for an 18v hammer drill, 13mm chuck, 2 x 2.6Ah batts. It's the biz. Anything more than 18v will be too heavy / unwieldy unless of course you need SDS?
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    Makita 18v or if you really need it a Bosch 24v. Both quick charge and you will never need another drill in my humble opinion .

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