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Thread: Lead v copper on youtube

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    Lead v copper on youtube


    I have just been pinged this link about research on lead contamination of venison.

    There are three clips in the series.
    It makes interesting watching and possibly explains why some of the older stalkers act a bit strange as the lead levels build up.


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    Mark H
    you are a quiete chap!. Hows them hounds of yours!. Have you been out on the boon docks as well!. Interesting stuff there ,. looking at the film !. I guess lead gets into us all sometime!., perhaps its the slow drawl that kicks in ! Havn't seen the other clips but will endeavour to .
    Stay Well
    Trapper .

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    Ahhhh thats why hair starts growing out of every orafice of the body on older stalkers, its the lead contamination

    Too much copper will probably turn you slightly green over years as well bit like verdigrease

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc
    Ahhhh thats why hair starts growing out of every orafice of the body on older stalkers, its the lead contamination
    Quite agree Malk but how does that explain the loss of hair on the top of me head maybe its not hair loss at all its just being replaced elswhere

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    If you turn green from the copper you will start to blend in a bit more when your stalking


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    Hi Trapper

    Still shooting mt fair share of beasts but generally nothing to report. The hounds are fine and improving as the general pheasant population diminishes.
    I ran out of copper bullets the other week so loaded up some accubonds which is a nice bullet but the meat damage on a roe was 2-3 times greater than the coppers so I'll have to bite the bullet and buy another 100 copper bullets.I have been using copper bullets exclusivly for the past three years. I eat to much venison to risk that much lead.
    Here are the two other links

    Video three is the most interesting using CT scans of venison from a butchers.


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    Interesting stuff ! there was a lot of crud in them beasts
    I might try copper bullets now!, I am well informed , I couln't find the bullet from my last beast ! so I presume I have eaten it .
    Regards Trapper

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    You will know when it rattles round the pan


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    ....or you have to go to A&E with a porcelain shrapnel wound

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    I thought, I was panning for gold !!
    But jesting aside Mark has a very valid point. 8)
    But untill I change my habits, the neighbours can have the flanks!!!

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