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Thread: Why Bother

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    Why Bother

    Theres a large expance of woodland close to some ground i have the stalking on ( several hundred acres ) this woodland is managed mainly by volunteers , Since November at least 4 roe have been found near the boundary on one side of the woods all had been shot with evidence of entry and exit holes present on fresh carcases . I can only assume that these deer have been shot at dusk by the guy with the stalking rights , the problem is that the woods are open to the public and in turn giving stalking in general a bad press /reputation in the area . Whoever is shooting these deer obviously have no concerns for the welfare of the deer being shot and no concideration for the public using the area as i said WHY BOTHER ?

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    Might be a good idea to get in contact with whoever has the stalking rights and inform him/her of the finding of these deer. It may well be that there are poachers operating in the area who are shooting the deer with a lamp and then can't find them. If this be the case they are probably shooting your deer as well.
    Perhaps a bit unfair your assumption that it is the stalker giving stalking a bad name.
    If you do find out that your thoughts about the stalker are correct I would be inclined to take the matter up with the wood owner as this practice would well reflect badly on him/her.
    Either way most certainly worth the bother.

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    I thought this woodland was managed by the Woodland trust, and if so I think Steve Bowers(the rifle maker) is the man to talk to because he manages all their woodland and if I remeber correctly has several other/under stalkers who work with/under him.


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    The problem is Gazza that the stalker in question has no regard for anyone or anything except the number of deer he can get into the game dealer a simular thing was happening last April roe bucks being shot and left in the same way 1 of which i found within 20 meters of my own ground . I would love to catch him on the wrong side of the fence line but untill then my hands are tied .

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    If this "stalker" is looking to put lots of deer through a dealer why is he leaving them? Does not make sense.
    What makes you think he is coming onto your ground?

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    Gazza , i dont think hes coming on to my ground but very close to it , with respect to the dear being left and not taken to the dealer thats what makes me feel hes shooting at dusk and i know he hasnt access to a tracking dog.

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    If thats the case Cyres ( D ) he is either doing a poor job or is closing his eyes to what really goes on as i can assure you that a considerable amount of poaching goes on along with the previously mentioned issues .

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    I would also support the position that if the stalker was looking to put plenty of deer into the dealers then he would be making an effort to find the ones he had shot.

    I have some experience of poaching and at times, after the poachers have departed, the ground looks like the deer version of the Somme with dead deer lying in ditches, wounded deer limping around on three legs and the healthy ones then vanish for months. I would say you need to make an effort to ensure that you don't have a poaching problem before blaming the neighbour. On the other hand I know for a fact that some so called legitimate stalkers, with legally held deer rifles, are the poaching problem and spend their evenings driving around with a lamp.

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    Sorry MV but it sounds like you are accusing this person of all sorts without one shread of evidence. Coming close to your ground does not make him a poacher. On one piece of ground I have my neighbour who actually leans on the march fence whilst awaiting any deer that just might venture over the fence from my ground. He has no woodland whatsoever. Nowt you can do.
    I get the impression that the green eyed monster is lurking about and that you would quite like the ground this guy has. If you are truely concerned about deer welfare on this ground I would be talking to the stalker about the possibilty of poachers (you state there is a considerable amount going on), perhaps a joint venture. If you are still not happy take it to the woodland owners.

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    Why bother indeed if you and your neighbour and you cannot talk a cull plan then it is simple every man for him self. If it were me i would fill my boots and make him work hard for his deer. But i suspect lampers quick in and out shot a family group can find one or two leave before getting noticed happens all the time.

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