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Thread: meindl footwear

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    meindl footwear

    Morning boys

    I am in the process of going for a account with Meindl boots .
    if im successfull i will do a nice wee discount for the forum membersas a starter.

    What would be your preferred boots?
    please let me know your thoughts.


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    I am considering buying the MFS model of boot.

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    My favourites are the Douvre Extreme, allthough the Burma's are good for summer!

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    Burma or Borneo for summer. Glockner for winter.

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    it would be glockner for me.

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    Douvre Extreme, do exactly what it says on the tin!

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    that is a good idea but whatever discount you offer it must be cheaper than what anyone else is offering to the public in the uk .

    just a thought for you before a price is given.


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    i hear what your saying chris .
    This is just a thought at the moment ,till i get the prices etc from the distributor.

    And the way the internet shops are pricing things at the moment some may be hard to beat ..

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