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Thread: Rangefinder advice?

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    Rangefinder advice?

    Hi guys, im going to get myself a rangefinder for christmas and as i haven't had one before im unsure which to go for. I want somthing around 1000 yards but want something which would be good for small as well as large targets. It also must work under lamp light for charlie,
    i think i have narrowed it down to either leica crf 1000 or zeiss victory 8x26 prf. At the best prices i can find the zeiss ia about 100 more expensive, what would you go for? Im not sure what im getting for the extra 100 with the zeiss if i only need 1000 yards anyway. Some advice from people who have used both would be brilliant as unfortunately living in Northern Ireland i cannot find anyone who stockes either so i can have a look before i buy. Any heads up on a good plcae to buy either would be much appreciated.

    Thanks James

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    james i cannot speak for the zeiss but i used a leica in new zealand out to 1000 yrds and was exellent i couldnt fault it at all ,atb wayne

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    James, the Swarovski LRF will range accurately to about 1500 yards. Young Guns will have them in stock.

    Don't know another dealer in NI who will have decent stuff on the shelf.

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    I use the Zeiss 8x26 and it does everything you expect of a Zeiss.

    Very light, very accurate, works in all lights and weather and if you want to travel light the glass is good enough to pick out bunnies under a hedge at 600yards, so a deer is not problem.

    When I went to upgrade my rf I found a review that someone had spent a lot of time on and I can say the Zeiss does everything the review said it did.

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    James +1 for the leica crf 1000 very light and compact and works in all lights as well.

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    i have a zeiss ranger,good kit and 200 quid cheaper than swaro

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    The Zeiss rangefinder binoculars are even cheaper now.

    Zeiss are presently running a promotion whereby their hunting dealers can offer a 250.00 part exchange against any full size binocular until 31 March 2012.

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    Just be aware that they may state 1000yrds but very often conditions will dictate that, for example bright sunshine or flat featureless fields will limit its capability quite a lot where as in the evening it will very likely range further than its stated maximum. You cant go wrong with Leica but if you want to range 1000yrds i would definately go for the CRF1600. The swarovski is a very powerful rangefinder (i have had both the Leica CRF1600 and the Swaro and in the right conditions have ranged things to over 1900 yards) but the ranging circle that you see as you look through it is far too big and the beam divergence is larger than that in the Leica so it may pick up on unwanted things especially as the range increases. I would go the extra few quid if you can and buy the Leica CRF1600 you will not be dissapointed.
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