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Thread: Damaged gun

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    Damaged gun

    Hi all just to let you know how i am getting on with my exploding gun from last month.
    My ruger .17hmr 77/17 i had a round blow my gun to bits. It seems that one head got
    stuck in the barrel. then the next round had nowhere to go. or the tip came off and jamed in
    the barrel. Anyway my very helpfull gunshop has done a very good job for me.
    He called me today and has asked me to return all my hornady rounds .He asked me to come to the
    shop and pick a new rifle F O C. well all good news sofar, Let this be a warning to us all if one round
    sounds differant check your gun. I would like say a big thanks john at the gun shop. i do travel
    a long way to deal with him and he is worth it.

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    Glad to hear that it is all getting sorted.

    What gun shop is it as they sound like a good outfit?

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    i am not sure if i can say. is it advertising its in ivybridge.
    a great guy.

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    I don't care if its advertising,

    It really nice to here a story with a good ending, all to often we read about crap shops with crap customer care,

    Hats off to them who ever they may be,

    well done and lets hope some other shop owners are rerading this, the customer comes first ALWAYS.

    well done mate and enjoy your new rifle and lets all here how it gets on.

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    Slightly off topic but in the same ball park, had a round that didn't sound right in my cz452 whilst out rabbiting, removed the bolt and checked the barrel, all clear so carried on, the accuracy was s$%t so i stopped shooting and had a good look the next day, couldn't see anything wrong so i took the SAK mod apart, found that a round had struck the baffles half way up, not sure what caused it but after cleaning up the slight marks on the baffles the gun is back on form .
    Could of been a moody round or the mod slightly loose, i'll never know but it may be something to bear in mind if it happens to your 17hmr.


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    You got it in one he has helped me no end good knowledge very honest.
    I would like to wish him the best with his new venture another gunshop in
    tavistock so we can all have a share. All he needs now is for me to teach him
    to shoot.

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    did you have to do a like for like as i know it same cal, but would have a different serial number, only ask as a while back i had a prob with one of my rifles and the dealer said he would change it for me and the FLO said it would have to be a like for like variation.

    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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    It would definitely have to be a variation on FAC, but it's one for one so free of charge.

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