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Thread: Thanks to GMP

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    Thanks to GMP

    I wish to thank GMP on the 10 day turn around for my FAC renewal, It's the fastest turn around i have ever had! What is yours?

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    i have recently renewed my fac with gmp and it took around seven days i had interveiw 2 days after posting my renewel all in all a good service

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    Yes GMP do seem to have the edge when it comes to timely turnaround, not always what you ask for mind.... but quick all the same.
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    Why do people feel the need to thank the police for doing a job they are paid for, in a reasonably time, did any of you post to thank the postman for delivering it on time, the check out person at the supermarket would like your thanks on there web site, are you all so paranoid to think that your police force is watching you and if you did not post they would take longer next time.

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    I wish I could thank GMP as well. I sent off a query about conditions on my FAC on the 10-11-11, and a variation on the 25-11-11, and haven't had a reply from either. I would normally expect that in dealing with any other service provider that if the query is taking so long to attend to then they at least would have the courtesy to inform me of this, and the reason for the delay. From the date on Blue400s post it would seem that my documents were still sitting in the "in tray" while his were being processed (not his fault). Its seems a shame that they can receive a compliment on one hand but then criticism on the other due to their inconsistency.

    I'm hoping my name gets pulled out of the hat some time early in the new year (but not holding my breath).

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    Have you rung Openshaw and asked them?
    If not why, you can't say they are taking their time if you have no knowledge of what the hold up is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Why do people feel the need to thank the police for doing a job they are paid for?
    Just common courtesy. What happens when a driver stops to let you through and you had right of way? What happens when someone goes that little but out of the way to help you? You say thanks.

    Think it's nice hearing people's good experiences with forces, gives others something to compare too. The forum would be a worse place if all it was used for was bashing others.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Apache I agree I say thank you to a lot of people, whether I pay for the service or not but it seems to be getting on this forum for people to thank the police for doing a job they are well paid for, as per the rest of my post do they post thank you about the speed of the post man and the checkout girls no.

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