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Thread: Merry X-mas and a great 2009 for all.

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    Merry X-mas and a great 2009 for all.

    To all, many thanks for the help and great assistance and info here. All the best, Rene.

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    And from me and Mrs RH too, the very best wishes to all here on SD.

    Since joining earlier this year, I have learned quite a lot more from the various members and threads on here, and participated in and enjoyed some interesting discussions.

    So, may that greatest of Gods - Diana the Godess of Hunting - look favourably on you all this coming year.

    Bery best wishes


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    Seconded! This site has been a real revelation this year.

    A very Happy Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to you and to everyone else on the SD.


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    Christmas Greetings to all who frequent this site from the (not so) sunny West Mids.

    The best of luck to all in the New Year.

    Have fun and keep safe


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    Merry Christmas to all - and lets raise a glass to the beasts of the field, the birds of the air and the fish of the waters without whom life would be all the lesser.

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    From all the Admin Team and owners of the Stalking Directory (Sikamalc, Jayb and Mark) we wish all our members and their families a


    Cheers everyone god bless

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

    Thanks to the professionalism of the Admin Team who have made this Stalking Forum the leading site for deer related topics on the Web. I am sure we can all raise our glasses to that fact alone!

    Cheers everyone, have a good one or two.


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    to you all I echo all sentiments ,it's been a great year for me
    Right I am off to knock up another batch, wheres me rolling pin
    In the middle of sausage roll and mince pie session!.
    Cheers me Deers

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    merry christmas to you all,and thank you for another great year on this site.well done everyone.

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    Heres to ethical turkey control, remember if you dont eat at least 1 each we will be overun. I will definately be doing my bit.

    Merry christmas and a prosperous new year to all.

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