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Thread: Military 7.62 / 9mm brass

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    Military 7.62 / 9mm brass

    Come across a sand bag of 7.62mm and a ammo tin of 9mm brass, any one want to buy any cheap? If not I'm not sure what to do with it?
    Pm if your interested ?

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    "Came across" .... really?

    If the 7.62 is RG (L2A2 or similar headstamp) then it's Berdan primed so useless. 9mm Para is the same.
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    Nothing is totally useless,take it to a scrap yard and get paid for it

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    They are all Boxer. do you think they will melt them down? If so what the going rate these days?

    Edit above - 7.62 is Berdan, 9mm is Boxer.
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    For mixed brass it is going @ 2.20/Kg from Metals - recycling and waste management news and information

    Ring round your local scrap yards and get their prices.
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    is it all the same headstamp and if so can you say what it is.....

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    Are you interested in it to buy loiner1965 ?

    Please see edited post above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter79 View Post
    Are you interested in it to buy loiner1965 ?

    Please see edited post above.
    just seen your edited post and the 7.62 are berden primed.....i have lots of german men berden primed cases so i dont require more....was interested if they were boxer primed

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    rg 9mm brass is good. Seems a shame to weigh it in. The sweepings from range days, got to love it.

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    Still feel this is useless, but hadn't thought of any possible scrap value. You'd need a lot of it as it's not pure.

    The problem with 9mm, even if it is boxer primed, is what you could reload it for. As pistols are out, are there any pistol-calibre carbines that'll work with a rimless 9mm cartridge? Don't know. I've noticed that the police TFU's using our range take away all their empties. Perhaps they've started reloading them now that times are hard.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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