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Thread: Anyone need free help in the Sussex/Kent borders?

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    Anyone need free help in the Sussex/Kent borders?

    Hi All, I've recently lost my job and would like to gain some experience and knowledge in deerstalking and/or organised shoots. I have been shooting for many years but have never stalked although I have recently passed my DSC1. I am not offering to come and knock over deer, but I am offering to come and help set up/organise, lump stuff around, be a general dogsbody to learn more about the sport free of charge as my payment will hopefully be knowledge. I should be insured through BASC as I'm not being paid for the work.

    If anyone wants a dogsbody and doesn't mind a few daft questions, I'm available from the 4th Jan. I live near Uckfield.

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    Another bump.

    Edited to say that this is a genuine offer of free labour in the stalking/shoot/estate management areas. I'm not expecting to be employed as a result of this, there is genuinely no obligation.
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    Last bump! The offer still stands if you come across this thread in a few weeks/months time!

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    I'm around 1.5 hours away from probably wouldn't be too much use to you and we're really quiet now. If we get ito a really busy stage and theres things to do then I will give you a heads up.

    Other than that your best bet is to phone as many local keepers as you can, one will say come along. But again another prime example of how to go about getting your foot in the door.

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    Thanks for the offer Dicky. It's very much a closed shop around here and understandably I guess people are suspicious of an offer of free work! I'm wanting a change in career direction, but I thought it wise to get an idea of it before I put out all the stops.

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    Its very much a closed shop everywhere. It took me a solid week of phoning round to get the phone number of a keeper.

    Have you tried Howard Oliver at the NGO. He runs a register of people looking for keepers and keepers looking for jobs. He will be able to put you in contact with some people or at least tell you the names of some estates. Phone the head office and explain your situation and you'd like to volunteer. They can in turn pass you to the head keeper.

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    That's very useful thanks mate.

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    No problems......Let me know how you get on and if you have no luck I'll ask around for some info.

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