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Thread: Roe deer in east Kent

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    Roe deer in east Kent

    Hi all,
    I had lived in Deal, Kent for 25 years before going over to Germany at my wifes insistance (shes German) I have a question that has bugged me for years
    Why is it that there are no roe deer in east Kent even though they are supposed to migrate to fill a vacuum if it exists.
    All opinions welcome.

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    Hi Martin do you come back over to Deal much?? As we are starting to see Fallow Canterbury way and the odd Muntjac closer to Deal now.


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    There is the odd Roe around shepherdswell, Eythorne i have seen. also down through Ashford towards canterbury and dover, as well as fallow.

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    Fallow have always been around Ashford. Kings wood holds a reasonable population which extends across to lyminge forest, although these are probably also from another estate near Ashford. They would easily extend more but I am afraid they are hammered every time.
    Muntjac near Deal............... I know where they came from sometime back!!

    Roe are in west Kent as I often see them around Clackets Lane on the M25, near Dover ....................I am yet to be convinced.

    Sika are also in Kent near Sevenoaks, and Wid Boar are also in Kent, but again their numbers have been greatly reduced over recent years.

    One only has to look at the major roads and towns such as Canterbury, and the fact the KLent is surrounded by sea on 3 sides to work out that any migration into the area of east kent has only to come via the west.
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    In East Kent.Roe and Fallow are wandering the woods between Chilham and Wye -and I've seen slots (but no deer)in woods at the back of Old Wives Lees.
    Roe are seen around Cranbrook
    Boar just over the border in the Peasmarsh area

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    There is a sprinkling of fallow throughout lower kent, Ashford /Canterbury / Lyminge area, I have seen in the past year two fallow Deer on the A2 that have been hit by a vehicle - so there are a few - the statement Sikamalc made is" they get hammered" is bang on, I have two permissions of which have a very small population of fallow, I manage the deer on these two areas to maintain a healthy herd and I guess lucky in as much the land owner actually likes to see deer on his ground, in a managed order, but there are one or two who use them as a continual ching ching source and has reduced the numbers in their area to more like wipe out proportions. which is probably not good for the deer moving around to new areas, that is in real time the answer to the OP

    This is probably why there aren't the numbers you would expect with such a good amount of woodland and pasture fields.

    Muntjac didn't swim to deal, and there are very few or if any west of that area, beggars belief how they managed to colonise an isolated area without showing west side first, but they are there.

    The presence of Roe in kent is minimal, if you compare to sussex or surrey, when you look at the map of kent, Rail and motorway links curb the movement of deer.

    Fingers crossed, it may improve over time, never say never, there is plenty of room to expand



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    I guess most muntjac"s can drive Ford Transits then?
    My butcher in Dover who by the way does produce excellent venison & wild boar sausages told me last week that Muntjac have seen in the Dover area also.
    Keep the fingers crossed.

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